Published in July 28, 2021

What’s included in a car insurance policy?

What’s included in a car insurance policy?
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You must understand all aspects of your car insurance policy.

Having an active insurance policy on your car is crucial for making sure you and your vehicle are protected if an accident occurs. Additionally, not having an insurance policy on your vehicle is illegal in Australia, and you won’t be able to drive your car. That’s why you can’t go wrong with insuring your car. 

Regardless of how long you’ve been on the road, a car insurance policy can be complicated. Let us help you break down your insurance policy and to understand to what extent you’re covered. 

Declarations page 

With any form of insurance, you’ll have a declaration page on the front of your policy. It’s where you want to look to get a summary of the basic details of your policy. A declarations page usually includes:

  • Summarised policy information. This information usually includes your policy number, its life span, your agent’s contact information and the name of the person insured. 
  • Information about your vehicle. That can include the make, model, and registration details. 
  • Your car insurance premium. An insurance premium is an amount you have to pay every 6 months or yearly to keep your policy active. 
  • Deductibles. That’s the out-of-pocket amount you could pay in some situations.
  • Coverages. This is the additional coverage you purchased on top of your existing policy.

Insuring agreement

Following your declarations page, you’ll find your agreement section. This section acts as a legal contract stating the obligation you and your provider must have to each other. It breaks down your responsibilities and the types of coverages in your policy. Insuring agreement may include the situations in which you’re covered. 


Your agreement section will also include exclusion. Exclusions for every coverage is essentially the situations in which your insurance won’t cover.   


Your car policy will include a conditions section. This section covers the conditions you must meet to be insured. Conditions could include your responsibilities during an accident. If you don’t meet the requirements of your policy, your provider can decline your application and deny a claim. 


You can find this section either at the start or end of your policy. The definition section highlights the terms you should familiarise with or that you would’ve come across. This section can help clarify any confusion with your coverage. 

How to get a copy of your car insurance policy 

When purchasing your car insurance, your provider will most likely send you a digital version along with a physical copy in the mail. A car insurance policy can be your helpful guide when you need to file a claim. Don’t panic if you lose your policy! You can easily get one by contacting your provider. They might ask you basic security questions and for identification. 

Need to renew your policy? Read more all about car insurance renewal.

While we at Tippla will always do our best to provide you with the information you need to financially thrive, it’s important to note that we’re not debt counsellors, nor do we provide financial advice. Be sure to speak to your financial services professional before making any decisions.

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