Terms and Conditions

Tippla is a trading name of Tippla PTY LTD (ABN 87 633 988 431), (Credit Representative Number – 516916) which is an Introducer Appointed Credit Representative of Marketplace Finance Pty Ltd (Credit Representative Number: 487316). I understand that by subscribing to their services, Tippla Pty Ltd (the entity) will collect, use, hold and disclose my information as outlined in the Privacy Policy, which I declare that I have read and understood.


I consent to the entity collecting personal and credit information from me. I understand that if I do not provide all information that is requested from me the entity may be unable to provide me with their services.

I also understand that if any of my personal information should change, such as my phone number, email address, etc, it is my responsibility to advise the entity of this. I understand it may not always be practical or reasonable to collect information from me and as such, I provide my consent for the entity to collect personal information about me on an ongoing basis from:

  • publicly available sources such as public registers;
  • Experian and Equifax databases;
  • other financial service providers.

If any of these parties should request this Acknowledgement and Consent before providing information, I consent for this to be provided to them.



I consent to the entity collecting my information for the purposes of providing me with financial services and any related purposes including but not limited to:

  • credit management functions relating to the collection and analysis of credit score data;
  • customer service requests such as providing access to and updating personal information and resolving disputes;
  • gathering information and statistical data to analyse and evaluate business functions;
  • developing our service offerings and improving overall business processes and efficiency.



I consent to the entity disclosing my personal information to provide me with their financial services and any other related purpose as outlined above, on an ongoing basis to:

  • other financial institutions and debt collection agencies;
  • credit providers, credit brokers, other referrers and other service providers;
  • financiers, insurers, auditors, contractors, agents or service providers the entity uses to offer services;
  • any other entity.

I understand my information may also be disclosed in other circumstances outlined in the entity’s Privacy Policy.

I understand the entity may, in the ordinary course of our business, disclose my credit information to third parties which operate in the United States of America and while these parties may not, therefore, be subject to Australian Privacy Law, no person in those countries will be able to access my credit information without my express consent.



I consent to being contacted by the entity, and any external third parties or agents who act on their behalf, for the purposes of the promotion of products and services. I understand the entity may promote the products of its marketing partners. I understand that I may withdraw my consent and request not to receive promotional communications at any time by contacting the entity.



I give my expressed and informed consent to the entity exchanging my personal and credit information with credit reporting bodies.

I understand that by giving this consent, the entity may collect information about me from credit reporting bodies, such as a credit report about me, as outlined in the entity’s Privacy Policy.

I consent to the entity disclosing my information, such as name, date of birth, address, phone number and identity document information, such as a Drivers Licence, to a credit reporting body to complete an electronic identity verification. I understand that the credit reporting body will attempt to match the information I have provided with the information they have access to and provide an assessment. I understand as part of the identity verification process;

the information will be subject to an Information Match Request in relation to relevant Official Record Holder information;
that the Information Match Request, the Information Match Result and other Information Match Data and our access to and use of the document Verification Service may involve the use of third-party systems and services; and
that information provided to or by you in or from Australia will be transmitted to New Zealand or vice versa.
I understand that if no match is found between the details I provide, and the information held by the credit reporting body, the entity will notify me of this. I understand that if the entity is unable to verify my identity, the entity will be unable to provide me with financial services.

I understand that the details of the credit reporting body(s) that the entity Exchanges information with are as follows;

Equifax Pty Ltd (Equifax)

W: www.equifax.com.au

PP: www.equifax.com.au/privacy

T: 13 8332

Experian Australia Credit Services Pty Ltd (Experian)

W: www.experian.com.au

C: http://www.experian.com.au/contact-us



I understand that by providing my consent to exchange my information with credit providers, credit brokers, other referrers and other service providers, this information may be sold to them or disclosed for a fee. The amount of the fee would be determined on referral. I understand where my information is exchanged, it is being exchanged for any of the purposes for which I have consented to the entity, including offering me products and/or services.

I understand that by providing my consent to exchange my information with credit providers, credit brokers, other referrers and other service providers, I am consenting to the entity exchanging my personal information.



I consent to receive all communications, information and documents, where possible, from the entity through electronic communications, including but not limited to:

  • requests for information regarding my account;
  • disclosure documents such as credit guides and information statements, copy of assessments, credit contract
  • documents, variations of these and credit contract offers;
  • marketing materials and promotions;
  • any other communications, information, or documents that must or will be provided to you or which you have requested.

I understand that by giving consent to receiving electronic communications;

  • communications may be sent via any electronic means, such as SMS and email;
  • electronic media must be regularly checked for communications, information and documents;
  • it is my responsibility to ensure the security of my electronic communications;
  • paper-based documents may no longer be given;
  • consent to the giving of documents by electronic communication may be withdrawn at any time.



I understand that under the Spam Act 2003, the entity may not communicate with me via commercial electronic messages unless I provide my express consent. I consent to the entity communicating with me via commercial electronic messages (email or SMS) to provide me with convenient and fast communications.



By making an application, I consent to the lender using, on my behalf, an electronic statement retrieval solution to collect my bank statements and transaction information. If you do not agree you will not be able to proceed to use this online service.

I understand that one or all the following statements retrieval providers may be used;

  • Proviso (Privacy Policy: https://proviso.com.au/terms/. Terms and conditions: https://proviso.com.au/privacy/.)
  • Credit Sense (Privacy Policy: https://creditsense.com.au/privacy-policy.)
  • Credfin (Privacy Policy: https://www.credfin.com.au/privacy)

I understand that by using an electronic statement retrieval solution, such as those above:

  • I have read and agree to their User Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies.
  • I understand I am using these services at my own risk.
  • I consent to them having read-only access to my bank account transaction data and for this data to be provided to the entity and any party I have consented to.
  • I understand that the transaction data supplied may include transactions from the previous 12 months from all available accounts.
  • I understand my user login credentials are encrypted and safely stored by a third-party service provider on their servers in a secure environment outside Australia and that no unauthorised party will have access to this information.
  • I authorise the entity to use my encrypted login credentials in any future credit services and for the entity to request a read-only transaction history.



I declare that I have read and understood this Terms and Conditions document and that I acknowledge, authorise and consent to all the terms that it sets out.