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Texting and driving in different states

Texting and driving in different states
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It is completely illegal to text and drive in every state in Australia. However, certain fines and minor exceptions vary between states. If you’re fined for texting and driving, your insurance premium and rates will most likely increase.

Mobile phones have become rather omnipresent – anyone you meet will have one. Along with the convenience and accessibility of having a mobile on us at all times comes the fear of distractions for drivers and bystanders in public. According to a 2011 study conducted by the Queensland government, it is believed that 25 people are killed and 1,235 are seriously injured yearly because of mobile phone distractions. The dangers caused by texting and driving have inspired both technological and legal approaches to keeping drivers’ eyes off their phones and on the road.

Now, a range of apps has been developed to help avoid using your mobile phone while driving. iPhones can now also automatically put your phone into “Do Not Disturb” mode when it senses you’re in a moving car.

Fines and demerit points deduction varies from state to state. Fines for texting and driving range between $250 (Northern Territory) and $476 (Victoria). In the majority of states, you will highly likely lose 3 demerit points, whilst in states such as the ACT, VIC, and NSW you will get deducted 4.

Texting and driving statistics

22% – Percentage of car crashes that are caused by any sort of usage of mobile phones

71% – Percent of truck crashes caused by the distraction of mobile phones

1,235 – People seriously injured from texting and driving in Queensland, yearly

59% – Percent of drivers who use devices while driving

2 seconds – The amount of time you need to take your eyes off the road in order to increase your risk of an accident up to 24x, according to research from Oregon State University.

Texting and driving laws by state

It’s illegal to text and drive in all states in Australia, however, some laws and fines vary between states. In every Australian state, it is illegal to use your mobile phone while driving for the purpose of:
– Talking
– Texting
– Email
– Play Games
– Take photos/ videos
– Use any other function

Queensland does not have a specific law prohibiting the use of a phone in a cradle for navigation purposes. It’s also illegal to use phone-based maps while driving in Tasmania, however, you are allowed to use a portable navigation device.

How much is a fine for texting and driving?

Fines range in every state, the fines for texting and driving in every state are:
NT: $250
TAS: $300
SA: $320
NSW: $330
QLD: $378
WA: $400
ACT: $447
VIC: $476

Similarly, demerit points deducted also vary between states:
QLD: 3
NT: 3
SA: 3
WA: 3
TAS: 3
ACT: 4
NSW: 4
VIC: 4

What happens to my insurance if I get texting and driving fine?

Your insurance premium and rates are calculated on a number of factors that help insurance companies determine how much of a risk you are to insure. Factors such as minor as your postcode and age and as major as your driving history and make of your car are all taken into consideration.

Traffic violations are typically factored into the cost of your premium. Regardless of how clean your driving record is, a small fine for texting and driving can increase your premium when you go to renew your policy.

Generally speaking, violations and fines don’t affect your insurance permanently, as most companies only look at the past three to five years of your driving history.

Read more about every Australian Road Rules here!

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